Cheese cart

We offer goats and cow's milk cheeses from a large part of the territory of Brescia and from other parts of Italy.

It's a wide selection that includes different types of cheese: soft, hard and blue cheese.
You can find specialties from Piedmont (pure goat robiola from Rocca Verano and Bosina 2 milks - sheep and cow) and from Valle Camonica (Caprini and Ricotta from the company Paros from Angolo Terme (Bs)), Pan di Capra (seasoned crusted turkey) and Fresh Goats. We have also 2 Caprini from Azienda Agricola Il Colmetto of Rodengo Saiano: the aged formaggella and the "goat blue".

You absolutely have to try the Fatulì, seasoned goat of Val Saviore, and the traditional Gorgonzola, the best among blue cheeses.

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We offer also the seasoned goat of mountain pasture "Case di Viso 2016" by Andrea Bezzi. The Italian classics such as Taleggio and Parmigiano Reggiano aged 24 months deserve a mention. We combine cheeses with mustard and cotognata of the company Andrini, in addition to two jams of our production (persimmon and lemon) and honey millefeuille.