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The word to Stefano Pazzaglia


Stefano Pazzaglia, chef and owner of Antica Trattoria Piè del Dòs, presents his establishment, his philosophy of cuisine and his specialties.

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The Owner Stefano Pazzaglia and his wife Resi Martinotti will welcome you to Piè de Dòs. A place which has the atmosphere of old trattorias, of the past, where the real stars were a slice of bread, a good glass of red wine and a hearty laugh.


In our Restaurant the key word is tradition and the flavours of the past. The fil rouge is Franciacorta and its territory. Our philosophy is to treat the ingredients with care, respecting their characteristics.


The cuisine is deeply embedded in the roots of the traditions of Franciacorta, with influences from the Po plain and the Lakes and serves meat, freshwater fish, mushrooms, and truffles (only local). The careful choice of products and seasonal quality are the other cornerstones of our culinary offer.

The Trattoria

Outside Piè del Dos there is a delightful portico, framed by beautiful wisteria in spring.

Inside, guests are welcomed by a traditional bright coloured dining room with antique vaulted ceilings and classic furniture.

The establishment is organised with two adjacent dining rooms, to offer clients the right intimacy and a summer area, under the portico of wisteria.

Antica Trattoria Piè del Dos

In the foreground

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Video recipe

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Here is the recipe for the "Salt cod croquettes”, delicious and easy for anyone to make!

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