The Menu

Our dishes are rigorously seasonal, with some exceptions for several typical dishes particularly appreciated by the Clients which remain on the menu all year like the “Beef chuck in oil”. The summer menu features interesting lake dishes such as “Fillet of fresh shad with grilled polenta” and the recipes with Pike and Whitefish.

A special mention is due to the rich Cheese Menu (primarily goat) with a selection from the key Italian regions. The skewer, another classic of the Brescia tradition, is prepared only on request.


Local cured meats with pickled vegetables € 13.00
Culatello di Zibello € 17.00
Creamed cod € 13.00
Rabbit in oil € 13.00
Millefeuille of vegetables € 11.00
Tongue € 13.00

Egg pasta with mutton ragout €13.00
Risotto of the day €13.00
Spaghetti alla chitarra, sardines from Montisola, broccoli pesto and whitefish roe €13.00
Drawn bigoli with sweet salami and “La Pieve” saffron €13.00

Calf brain and fried sage €15.00
Beef in oil with red corn polenta €17.00
Crispy pork belly and purple cabbage €15.00
Whitefish fillet with Jerusalem artichokes and artichokes € 17.00
Cube roll steak (from local farms) per pound € 8.00
Baked tench €17.00

Winter ratatouille with whirlpool cream €10.00
The roasted vegetable garden € 8.00

Selection of cheeses €14.00
Selection of goat cheeses €14.00
Vertical Bagoss € 14.00
Accompanied by compotes and honey

Pasta with our ragouts €12.00