We have the pleasure and the honor of informing our Clients of the presence of our Restaurant in the TOURING CLUB ITALIANO guide titled Alberghi e Ristoranti d'Italia 2022, and in OSTERIE D'ITALIA 2023, the Slow Food Editore guide, for those who want to discover the best of regional cuisine.

Osterie d'Italia gathers more than 1700 trattorias, taverns, agritourisms and restaurants chosen for their good hospitality, local cuisine, careful selection of raw materials and the right price. The Chiocciola symbol is assigned to those places that best describe the Italian tavern, among which there is our trattoria.

A seventeenth-century house in the ancient village of Gussago. Here there is an inn run by Stefano Pazzaglia and his wife Resi Martinotti. He is a careful researcher of small local excellences and his attention is reflected in the kitchen. Raw materials, such as Bergamo's "giant" sheep from Lake Endine or fish from Lake Iseo, are an expression of this philosophy. And the dishes often pay homage to tradition: space then for long cooking, with boned pork shoulder and sweet and sour vegetables. Then the offal or sheep ragout, the autumn spit and, for "lake" palates, the char fillet with pea cream. The selection of local wines and cheeses is also good.

We are also present in Gambero Rosso Guide - The Best in Lombardy 2023.

The 17th century house with the vaulted ceiling houses two rooms and a veranda. Faithful old and recent sit with pleasure in a tavern that keeps the flag of Franciacorta and Brescia cuisine high. In the kitchen there is the expert Resi Martinotti who knows how to treat Iseo fish like the giant sheep of Lake Endine, prepare the typical spit in autumn like fresh pasta with meat sauce. The cellar is discreet, while the warm service is directed by the good owner Stefano Pazzaglia.

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