The food

Our cuisine is based on traditions of Franciacorta, with contaminations of Pianura Padana and offers: fish (Lake Iseo and baccalà), meat (boiled plains and meat for long cooking) and Gussaghese spit with ribs and pork belly, obviously preceded by the classic dirty soup.

Our cuisine is seasonal and local. Preparations are strictly expressed (except for long-cooked meat).
The dishes change with seasons: in autumn / winter you will find more braised meats, boiled meats and pasta with savory seasonings while in spring / summer more white meats, raw meats and fish from Lake Iseo also cooked on the grill.

We prepare homemade food such as: bread, breadsticks, pasta as well as fillings and meat sauce (lamb and duck). You will find all year round the "Casoncelli" - local variant of the stuffed ravioli - the pasta principe of Franciacorta and the oil-flavored Manzo whose recipe dates back to 1500.

All the desserts are homemade. Sorbets contain only fruit and sugar, have the consistency of ice cream and have to be eaten with a teaspoon. Semifreddi and cakes may vary according to the period.

Tagliatelle ai porcini